Shouldice Designer Stone has been creating innovative stone products for homeowners and builders since 1947. Their wide range of stylish stone products include many design options, from classical and traditional to modern and contemporary. Shouldice has also engineered a gorgeous concrete brick that can be seamlessly combined  with stone to create a compelling and unique look.

Shouldice offers a Lifetime Warranty for all of its products provided the initial purchaser is the owner of the products, the products are used according to local building codes and the products are installed according to specifications and installation guidelines.

Estate Stone

Shouldice Designer Stone - Estate Stone, Hampton

Available Colours

Metro Stone

Shouldice Designer Stone - Metro Stone, Pearl White

Available Colours

Newport Stone

Shouldice Designer Stone - Newport Stone, Silverado

Available Colours


Shouldice Designer Stone - Q-Stone, Cambria

Available Colours

Shale Stone

Shouldice Designer Stone - Shale Stone, Hudson

Available Colours

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