Complete the look of your home by incorporating a personalized address stone. An address stone is a necessary component of any home and Schut’s has many different types, colours and sizes for you to select from.

Limestone Address Stones

This type of address stone creates a natural appearance that will perfectly compliment your home. Simply let us know what you want your address stone to say and we will have it engraved for you.

Options include:

  • Rectangle/square: 12x24, 10x10, 10x24
  • Keystone: 12" or 10"
  • Colour: Natural grey, black

For more style and sizing options download the Limestone Address Stone brochures:

Limestone Address Stones Brochure-1 thumbnail.
(pdf 240kb)
Limestone Address Stones Brochure-2 thumbnail.
(pdf 303kb)
Limestone Address Stones Brochure-3 thumbnail.
(pdf 225kb)
Grey limestone address stone embedded in stone wall

Sample Limestone Address Stones

Granite Address Stones

Granite is a beautiful option for your address stone and is available in multiple colours and sizes. Select the style the best suits you and we will have it engraved.

Options include:

  • Colours: brown, grey, black
  • Accent colours (on black only): white, gold or both

For sizing download the Granite Brochure:

Granite Brochure thumbnail
(pdf 167kb)

For exact measurements contact us.

Sample Granite Address Stones

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