BL Platinum – Heavy Duty, Premium Urethane Adhesive

BL Platinum is a premium urethane adhesive and sealant that provides durability, safety and dependability for the most demanding applications. This paintable adhesive is the perfect solution to virtually any interior or exterior sealing and bonding requirement.

Bonds to a variety of common materials including pavers, retaining walls, slate, concrete, wood, metal, clay roof tiles, fiber glass, foam board and most rigid construction materials

BL-Platinum urethane adhesive and sealant.

Paver Bond – SB-10

Paver Bond is a quick curing, high strength adhesive that can be applied in below freezing temperatures and to frozen and/or wet block.

Paver Bond – SB-10 can be used on retaining walls and caps, coping systems, masonry brick, natural and manufactured stone, slate and interlocking pavers.

SB-10 Paver Bond Adhesive

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